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Repeat prescriptions

If you are on regular medication, this can be requested in person at the surgery or by post, if you enclose an SAE. It will normally take us 48 hours to process your request. We regret that we cannot except telephone requests for repeat prescriptions as these can lead to errors and may block the telephone line for other patients. If you are receiving repeat medication, you will be required to have a medication review every 6-12 months, depending on the medication you are taking. This is important to ensure that the medication is working correctly (or is not causing a reaction) and for the clinician to assess whether other medication would be better for you.

When your medication review is due, you will see a reminder “see your GP to order more” on your prescription. When you see this message on your prescription, please ring the surgery or call in to make an appointment with the GP. When you request repeat medication and your medication review is due, you should ask to make an appointment to  attend a review clinic.